Seed Fund Projects

The Graduate School Speech, Language, and AI participated in the first call for seed fund projects of the Unite! Alliance in May 2023 and the dual “Crossroads of Speech and Language” proposals were the only ones selected for funding in both activity lines, teaching and research. The proposal theme was inspired from the 2019 edition of the INTERSPEECH conference which brought together over 2000 scientists in Graz, Austria (after Lisbon 2005 and Stockholm 2017). This event emphasized the convergence of three vibrant fields: speech science, language technologies, and artificial intelligence, and of of four major European language families: Romance, Germanic, Slavic, and Finno-Ugrian, all represented by the Unite! partners.

IX Unite! Dialogue in Graz Austria

Members on Image (left to right): Michael Paierl (Graz), Alberto Abad (Lisboa), Paavo Alku (Aalto), Ulrike Gloger (Darmstadt), 
Antinio Servetti (Torino), Gernot Kubin (Graz), Luca Cagliero (Torino), Roman Kern (Graz)