Joint Master Degree

The Joint Master’s Degree in Speech, Language, and AI Technologies is the right choice for you if

  • you are interested in at least two of our three technological areas,

  • you aim at a research career in this field, getting ready for a seamless transition from the Master’s into a PhD level program, and

  • you will not settle for anything less than the strongest academic Alliance in our fields.

We offer you a curriculum that combines coursework in our 3 fields combining knowledge and engineering:

  • Speech technologies

  • Language technologies

  • Artificial intelligence technologies

with a substantial basis in transferable skills (from AI ethics to entrepreneurial training). You will enjoy collaborative projects uniting students from several sites of the Alliance and a summer school offered by the Graduate School for both Master’s and PhD students. PhD students will also cooperate with you during your Master’s thesis offering a prime opportunity to learn the ropes of doing research. In many cases, your thesis work will allow you to contribute to a scientific publication as a co-author.

The Joint Degree program runs over 4 semesters and requires 120 ECTS points. You will obtain a minimum of 30 ECTS points each from at least two different universities of the Alliance. At each site you will spend a minimum of 4 months in physical presence. For those interested in an industrial research career, our rich collaboration network will offer plenty of opportunities for internships and similar learning experiences.

The details of the program are currently under development, including Joint Admission and Joint Degree policies. For now, you can apply to any of the existing Master’s Degree programs offered by our universities and we will support you in implementing many of the above-mentioned highlights as an individual student exchange package.

May the Alliance be with you!