Seasonal Schools

Summer School August 2024: Generative AI

The Unite! Graduate School in Speech, Language, and AI Technologies will organize its first summer school in August 2024. Its goal is to bring Master's and PhD students from all Unite! partners together in a co-creation setting.

The school's theme will revolve around Generative AI and, for its organization, the Speech, Language and AI team will join forces with WASP - the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program with both its Humanity & Society program and with WARA - The WASP research arenas. This will directly connect with the Unite! Alliance's strategic goal of fostering a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in our student population.

The students will be organized in small teams with a good coverage of prior competences and their work will advance through two stages. In  the virtual stage 1, students will prepare themselves by studying on-line resources and taking quizzes, and they will also prepare their AI models by selecting training data and running machine learning algorithms remotely on powerful servers made accessible by the school. Stage 1 will be distributed over several weeks in early summer. Stage 2 will bring everybody together in physical presence at the Visualization Center C in Norrköping, Sweden, for the week August 12-16, 2024. During this week, each team will put together a system that combines natural language generation with speech and gesture synthesis, culminating in the creation of an avatar based demonstration video. The program will be rounded off with invited on-site lectures as well as meetings with industrial experts and start-ups.

The program totals a work load of 2 full-time weeks equivalent to 3 ECTS credit points. Students will have to make their own arrangements for travel and accommodation, tuition will be free. To register for the summer school, please stay tuned, we expect to open registration by the end of March. Here
you can also find the official website of the summer school.